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Earthquake Hits Tanzania Hard, Convent Unaffected

This past weekend a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck in Tanzania. “At least 17 people were killed and 253 others injured in Tanzania, with most of the casualties occurring in the town of Bukoba, which suffered widespread damage [and] at least 840 houses were destroyed by the quake, with another 1,264 seriously damaged, rendering thousands of people homeless.” (Wikipedia)

Father Swit was scared and nervous about the convent. He explained that this was his first time experiencing an earthquake, but confirms that there was no damage to the convent. We thank God, but we pray for those lives lost, for their families, and for the people whose homes were lost or damaged. Please join us in prayer.


Note: These photos are not of the convent or the parish church, but of other buildings in Bukoba town that were affected by the quake. A photo of the convent is included in its current state.

What This Means for the Convent

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