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Meet Our Friend Father Swit

Fr. Switbert Mujuni is a priest of the Diocese of Bukoba, Tanzania and is currently the pastor of St. Lucy Catholic Church in Bumai. Not only does he serve the pastoral needs of the people of St. Lucy, but his parish also consists of ten outstations which small surrounding rural communities.

We met Fr. Swit through my blog Leaders that Follow and have since become great friends. After hearing him explain the current state of his pastoral situation, we quickly decided that we had to do something. And The ROCK Association was born!


Fr. Swit was ordained a priest in 2010 and now serves as pastor of St. Lucy Catholic Church in Bumai, a rural area on the outskirts of Bukoba. On the shores of Lake Victoria, Bukoba is a beautiful place inhabited by beautiful people. Fr. Swit finds great joy in serving the people of his parish.

His daily routine consists of morning prayers, followed by Mass, and breakfast. During the week he attends mostly to sick calls, burials, and pastoral visits to the ten surrounding outstations. These outstations range from a five to 30km from his parish church in small villages where the people are unable to travel such long distances to come to him.

On Sundays he celebrates Mass in a few of these outstations. Some of them have churches in which the faithful come to Mass. Others have only half-finished buildings which consist of brick walls, dirt floors, and no roofs. The people bring dried grasses to sit on for there are no pews. Many of the parents send their children alone because they cannot leave their homes and property unprotected for fear of thefts.

On a daily basis Fr. Swit keeps us up-to-date with what is going on in Bukoba, particularly in his parish in Bumai. This blog is the best way for you to follow Fr. Swit in his ministry. By subscribing to our newsletter you will get a weekly email with the latest posts to the blog. You will also be able to join us in our special prayer intentions for each week. Even if you are unable to donate at this time, you can still subscribe to the newsletter.

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