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Meet the Daughters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

A couple of weeks ago I talked to Sister Liberata Kokoshumbusha, Superior of the Daughters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Her sisters are the ones who will be coming to live and serve the community of Bumai by way of the convent we are building. So I figured it would be a good idea to introduce them to you.

The Daughters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help we are indigenous religious congregation of the Diocesan right. The congregation was founded officially in 1990 by the retired Bishop of Bukoba Catholic Diocese the Rt. Rev. Bishop Nestor Timanywa. The first sisters made their first vows in 1991 and to date there are 62 professed sisters, seven novices, 20 postulants, and 15 candidates. They have opened up seven convents within the diocese.

Their charism is to provide service to the needy by imitating Christ the Compassionate. They dedicate their service in caring for the aged clergy in their special homes, aged and sick people in rural communities, helping the handicapped, orphans, vulnerable children, the marginalized, visiting the sick in their homes, and hospitals, directing youth and women associations to improve social economic development in their local communities. They work in pre- and primary schools, secondary schools, hospitals, health centers, and dispensaries. They also teach catechism in schools, educate the youth and work in parishes as sacristans.

Sounds like a lot of work doesn’t!? Well we are grateful for all the work that they do and excited that through the work of the The ROCK Association they will be able to come and share their gifts with the people of Bumai.

I leave you with these encouraging words from Sister Liberata:

It was like a dream when Fr. Swit Mujuni told me and our congregation members of Our Lady of Perpetual Help (DOLPH) that he had the idea of building a convent and welcoming us to his parish to help in the evangelization of the people, especially the children…

Later he notified us that he found some friends who lovingly volunteered to be co-evangelizers with him by helping him to solicit funds to build the convent in Bumai parish through The ROCK Association. I together with my fellow sisters were and are very excited and thankful to God for this.

Fr. Swit requested us to pray for The ROCK Association’s mission, something we are doing in our daily prayers, as we believe with God everything is possible.

We were there the very day the construction started. We thank you so much, may God bless your family and all the donors of The ROCK Association. We believe that through the intercession of Our Lady of Perpetual Help one day we are going to set foot in St. Lucy Bumai Parish ready for evangelization!

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