Building Up Bukoba

A group of religious sisters have offered to help provide education and faith formation to the growing rural parish community of Bumai. However, they need a place to live and for that reason we are going to help build them a convent. The estimate for this project is 75 million Tanzanian shillings which is the equivalent of around US $35,000.

Bumai parish is one of the poorest parishes in the Diocese of Bukoba, Tanzania. Yet, although the parishioners don’t have much money to give, they are rich in faith and love. Many children and adults are receiving the sacraments, but due to the lack of pastoral support there is absolutely no faith formation outside of Sunday Mass.

The ROCK Association is committed to raising the funds necessary to build a convent in Bumai so that the religious sisters can come and provide faith formation to the surrounding community, in addition with supplying them with Bibles and other faith formation resources in their native languages.

Construction Project

The construction of the convent will take place in phases as outlined below. Next to each phase you will see the material cost as well. Labor costs are not included in these estimates.

Phases of Construction Process

Phase I — Foundation — $5,000
Phase II — Superstructure — $6,700
Phase III — Roofing — $4,600
Phase IV — Finishing — $4,000
Phase V — Fittings & Fixtures — $9,300

Here’s Where We Stand

We are currently fundraising for Phase IV of the construction which includes securing the convent with windows and doors. Our fundraising goal for this phase is $4,000. If you feel called to contribute, your generosity will be greatly appreciated!


How You Can Help

Your donation, no matter how big or small, will be of great help to us in the construction of this convent. Below you find an itemized list to give you an idea of what your generous donation can provide.

Description Amount per Item Quantity Needed
Kitchen Sink $50 1 Sink
Toilet $70 7 Toilets
Door $138 21 Doors
Window $160 35 Windows
Septic Tank $1,380 1 Tank

With the Full Support of the Bishops

Although large distances separate us from the people of Bukoba the internet helps to bridge the gap. As the Body of Christ we are intimately connected. With your help and the full support of Fr. Switbert Mujuni, Bishop Desiderius Rwoma, and his Auxiliary Bishop Method Kilaini we are sure that this campaign will be successful.

Bishop Desiderius Rwoma
bust-akofu-kilainiBishop Method Kilaini
bust-father-switFr. Switbert Mujuni

Message from the Bishop

“I fully support the efforts of The ROCK Association. I am ready to do all that I can to assist you in realizing the dream of Building Up Bukoba in faith formation to a level of concrete realization. Together we can evangelize.”
Rt. Rev. Desderius Rwoma Bishop of the Diocese of Bukoba

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Please consider in which of the following ways you can join us in making this mission a reality. We appreciate your support. May God bless you!

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