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We Have a Roof! Phase III is Complete!

After all of our end-of-year fundraising efforts from 2017 have helped us to reach our goal. At long last the convent has a roof! The structure of the roof is built with wood and then overlaid with coated iron sheets. This will keep the rain out, as it rains a lot in Bumai.

This Convent Needs a Roof!

We are in phase three of the construction of the convent, but we don’t have the money to continue. This convent needs a roof and we need to raise the funds to build it! Please consider making a donation today.

Our Interview with Father Johaness from Bukoba

Father Johaness Rweyemamu is a close friend of Father Swit and they were actually in the seminary together. Well, now he’s the Financial Controller of Bukoba Catholic Diocese. That means he is the one that handles all things financial with the diocese, including making sure the donations you send to us go to pay for the construction of the convent.

New Partner Parish: Our Lady of Grace

This year we’ve decided to change our business model and focus our efforts more on partnering with organizations such as schools, parishes, and religions education programs. This allows us to engage with people directly, providing faith formation through our presentation and also by challenging the audience to contribute to our campaign.

We’re in Phase III

Phase III of the construction of the convent has officially begun with the harvesting of timbers for the structure of the roof. That doesn’t mean a trip to Home Depot, it means cutting down trees!

Calvary Has Come to Bumai

Recently, he felt called to design a meditation garden at his parish and he came up with the idea to have an artist create a statue of the Crucifixion of Christ at Calvary. Using concrete and wire mesh this talented artist came up with this beautiful creation!

Phase II is Complete!

We are more than excited to announce that Phase II of the construction of the convent has been completed! The bricklaying seemed to pass so quickly and the walls are now up.

Earthquake Hits Tanzania Hard, Convent Unaffected

This past weekend a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck in Tanzania. “At least 17 people were killed and 253 others injured in Tanzania, with most of the casualties occurring in the town of Bukoba, which suffered widespread damage [and] at least 840 houses were destroyed by the quake, with another 1,264 seriously damaged, rendering thousands of people homeless.”

Virtual Tour of the Convent

I asked Father Swit to give us a tour of the convent construction site… and this happened!

Special Thanks to the Students at Mary Immaculate School

In February we were invited by our friend Mrs. Federina Gullano, Principal at Mary Immaculate Catholic School in Pacoima, California, to make a presentation to the school children encouraging them to participate in the annual Lenten Fundraiser.

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