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Father Swit’s Vacation in Uganda

When most people go on vacation, they choose a place away from the world. Father Swit, native to Tanzania, chose a convent in Uganda! During his week off, Father spent his time at the convent which truly is away from the world, built on acreage far from the city. He told us that it was much needed quiet time and solitude. While there he was able to witness the first vows of a new group of novices!

Phase II – Brick Laying Begins!

With the foundation finally complete we are now officially in Phase II of the construction of the convent. Towards the end of last year we had truckloads of bricks delivered to the parish. The neighboring schoolchildren helped to get them moved to the site where the bricks are now being laid.

Meet the Daughters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

A couple of weeks ago I talked to Sister Liberata Kokoshumbusha, Superior of the Daughters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Her sisters are the ones who will be coming to live and serve the community of Bumai by way of the convent we are building. So I figured it would be a good idea to introduce them to you.

The Amazing Generosity of Missionary Children

Many of the Catholic schools and religious education programs in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles participate in an annual fundraising campaign to aid missions worldwide. And this year, the Religious Education program at Mary Immaculate Catholic Church chose The ROCK Association as the beneficiaries of the funds raised.

Father Swit’s Car Accident

This week Father Swit had an unfortunate automobile accident on his way home from the city. He was actually buying some rosaries to send to us so that we can sell them during our presentations and mission appeals. Thank God he wasn’t hurt at all, but the car was very badly damaged after running off of the road and straight into a tree!

Fried Fish and Fundraising with the Knights of Columbus

Every Lent the Knights of Columbus Council 3016 in San Fernando, California host a weekly Fish Fry Friday. The money they raise through the fish fry goes to help provide scholarships to kids in the area. And for the last Friday of Lent they invited The ROCK Association to come and make a presentation to their guests.

Springs of Water in Bumai

Here in the States it is easy for us to take for granted our access to water. If we need a drink we turn on the faucet or even grab a bottle of purified water. If we need to take a shower or wash our hands we turn a knob and the water flows. That is not the case in Bumai.

Building a Strong Foundation

This foundation isn’t your traditional concrete slab as we’re used to seeing here in the States. Large hand-hewn stones are being stacked to form the outer boundaries of the foundation. Inside more dirt and gravel is used to fill in space and more large stones are arranged on top to give a flat surface.

Foundation Update

We are making steady progress on the foundation. It is back-breaking work as you can see in the photos below. Some of the young men are using a few boards lashed together as a makeshift dolly to carry the heavier stones.

Sisters Visit the Construction Site of their Future Convent

The Daughters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help are some of the religious sisters who will be coming to Bumai to instruct and catechize the people of the area. The sisters came to visit the site of the future convent where the construction is already in process. They were so surprised to see the work already underway.

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