How It Started

We never imagined we would start a non-profit. In fact, it all happened so fast we can still hardly believe it ourselves. Here’s how it all started.

Ricky runs a blog called Leaders That Follow where he makes it his mission to Make Disciples and Form Faithful Leaders. He has subscribers from all over the world and one day he received an email from Father Switbert Mujuni:

My name is Fr. Switbert G. Mujuni, ordained on 11. 12. 2010 for Bukoba Catholic Parish. Bukoba Catholic Parish is in Tanzania, East Africa. I am now a parish priest of St. Lucy’s Parish, Bumai here in Bukoba diocese. I am also a diocesan music director and a member of the liturgical committee.

I came to be connected to your blog through my e mail address. I have been following you. I thought you are a priest. Your inspiring and down to earth writing betray you. You really write as a man of the church who wishes well for it. Thank you so much Rick. May you continue to evangelize the world. I benefit so much. Your wisdom helps me in my ministry… a very poor parish—first spiritual-wise and then materially.

Rick, we seem to be of one mind as what is really our call-continuation of Christ’s Redemptive work. I wish to meet you one day. You are most welcome to my parish. Come that we evangelize the people of God here in Bukoba Diocese, Tanzania. Please!

After this initial communication a friendship was born. Johana happened to be working with the kids painting rocks and as she watched her son painting a verse from scripture kept coming to her mind.

“You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build by Church.”
Matthew 16:18

She later shared this experience with her husband Ricky and immediately they knew that God was calling them to action. They felt the fire lit in their hearts to help Fr. Swit realize his ministry to the people of Bukoba.

Johana’s younger brother helped come up with the name The ROCK which stands for the Restoring of Christ’s Kingdom.

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